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Board of Trustees Approves Audited Financial Statements

Posted on November 27 2023

[For Immediate Release] The Peace River School Division Board of Trustees have unanimously approved the 2023 Audited Financial Statements.  The Board held a special meeting on November 23 at 9 a.m. with…

Board Meeting Highlights - November 16

Posted on November 24 2023

Annual Education Results Report Superintendent Adam Murray shared the Division’s draft Annual Education Results Report (AERR) with the board at the November 16 meeting. The AERR provides an overall…

Education Worker Recognition Week

Posted on November 23 2023

This week, ASEBP has organized Education Worker Recognition Week as an opportunity for everyone to share how much they appreciate each person who works in the field of Education. Every member of our team…

November Superintendents Message: Literacy, Numeracy…

Posted on November 20 2023


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October 26 Board Meeting Highlights

Posted on November 1 2023

New Trustees The October 26 Board meeting began with Secretary/Treasurer Rhonda Freeman swearing in two new trustees. David Rushton was elected following a by-election held October 25 to represent Ward…

October Superintendent's Message

Posted on October 12 2023

September 21 Regular Board Meeting Highlights

Posted on September 22 2023

Truth and Reconciliation Week Jeff Thompson, Deputy Superintendent of Schools, brought forward a request to the board to make a permanent motion designating the week encompassing September 30 as Truth…

Welcome Back and information about Truth and Reconciliation…

Posted on September 21 2023

Image contains details about how to become a volunteer with the PRSD

Schools Thrive with Volunteers

Posted on September 8 2023

It's our opinion that schools well-supported by volunteers are representative of a thriving school community. Are you passionate about school sports? Do you enjoy helping in a kitchen? What about swimming,…

Message from Superintendent Adam Murray - Thank You!

Posted on June 21 2023

National Indigenous History Month

Posted on June 1 2023

June is National Indigenous History Month! Now is an excellent time to acknowledge Indigenous People, and learn about their histories, cultures and ways of life. We encourage everyone to take the opportunity…

Message from Superintendent Adam Murray- Education…

Posted on May 16 2023